Thursday, 11 July 2019

Publishing is evil

After what seemed like forever, my books are finally published, and up on Amazon.

So, for anyone that wants to learn how to model and doesn't know where to start;

It is available on Kindle Fire and tablets, You can also use the free Kindle PC App to read it.

Kindle version of "An Introduction to Modelling"

Paperback version of "An Introduction to Modelling"

I'll throw this one out there anyway for anyone that might be interested.

Kindle version of "The Garden Snail, Pest or Pet?"

I wrote this one for pure indulgence :D

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Kindle Version Published

Paperback version still has bleed issues...whatever that means. "Should" be available shortly (so I'm told).

Available on Kindle books, and Kindle PC, etc, etc. 

An Introduction to Modelling with Wings 3D

So, if you're interested in learning to model for Morrowind, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout, The Sims, and a bunch of other games then it might be worth starting with this first volume.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Book Release

Wow! That month went super fast. 

I did finally manage to finish writing my book though (yay), now being edited, and hopefully set for release in the next week or so. It will be available on E-books, Kindle, and as a paperback.

Also, I'm very close to releasing Gwen. About time uh?

She can now detect a few other mods and interact with them. Paxon the pack rat (Tizzo), Publius (Gavrilo), and Get Sharp! so far.

Because of the way she is set up, it is possible to release later updates that add more mod interaction, so she can be improved on infinitely. (Providing the other mod has a unique item(s), or NPC's to interact with of course).

I'm taking a two-week break from writing, so I won't be starting volume II of my next book until then so, I'm going to be working on getting Gwen released, and then hopefully do a little more on the Caldera Experiment.

I also have a nearly finished dungeon for the Dwemer Rebirth Project, but I will have to see how time is before I think about that one.

On another bright note, England women's football team are in the semi-final of the World cup! They will play the USA on Tuesday. Can't wait for that. Come on ladies!!

Be back sooner than last time.


Friday, 14 June 2019

Too many projects!

If you're a Morrowind modder, and also a procrastinator like myself, then you will have numerous mods "on the go" as well as a huge list of "things to do".

Throw in the many requests I get, and not wanting to say no, you just get bogged down in a sea of half-finished mods, scripts and models.

Don't get me wrong, I like the distraction of requests. Fixing a UV on something, helping with a script, making an xxx for someone's mod. It's all fun for me.

I currently have the three, quite large projects to finish, plus the smaller ones that creep up due to the larger ones.

Earlier this week I made a new interior tileset for common houses that I will use for "Gwen", and for the "Caldera Experiment", I probably could have got away with the vanilla tileset, but feature creep?

New Interior tileset ( modders resource)

I also made a bread replacer from a request, little did I know, it was something others wanted...

I packed up the Modathon weapons into one esp as well and banged that on Nexus

In the meantime, I also have a little side project as a request, fixing all the open-faced helmets for use with Mac's heads (Elf ears poke through the sides). Not rushing with this one, but I still want to finish it off.

I did also spend a few hours one afternoon this week, modelling a plant with Leyawyn, from his concept art. I really enjoyed that.

I've no idea if it will get used or not, but at least it was fun to make.

On top of this lot, I'm writing another book. This time, not about snails. I know right, you're sad. This will be more of a LotR type thing with less walking.

After saying all this, I'm still open to requests, and welcome people to join my Discord server and put their ore in. 

Just remember one thing. It's the women's World Cup this month, and I have to watch every single kick of the ball, from every single match. If I go AWOL, that's why.

See you next time!

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Modathon over.

This year's May Modathon was total madness! 241 mods released in one single month, beating all records for the Modathon thus far. You can find a full list of the participating mods right here.

Morrowind truly does go from strength to strength.

Keep an eye on Morrowind Modding Showcase, and see some of the winners and some of the best mods that were released.

Now, back to business.

I have three main mods I am currently working on that I want to release before the end of the year. I'm already six months behind schedule due to my neck injury, and I added another mod to my list.

Gwen, The Dwemer Rebirth Project and the Caldera Experiment. 

Gwen is currently suffering from feature creep and is taking a lot of my free time up, but she is the closest to a release date.

DRP is ambling along as well, I have a ruin almost ready for release, but I just can't seem to think of a good design for the last part of the dungeon.

The Caldera Experiment (or what I have of it) will be scrapped completely, and rebuilt from anew. The way I built it was wrong in all senses of the word. I added the town, model by model, rather than making all the models first and then working out a good plan. This shall be rectified. 

Rubber's Kitchen Kit - Modders Resource

The above has resources in it that are part of the Caldera Experiment and I will be adding to this as I make a bunch more.

This was also fun to do, and I intend to add the rest of the shoes to it when I get writer's block on the others.

This is also another one of those mods that will be added to, as and when possible. A full Blacksmithing mod will appear in modules to go with it in the future, and most of the CS work will be done by Miamain. I am also hoping that G7 will pop in and do a bit of scripting for some of it as well.

I do also intend to update some older mods that I am no longer happy with when possible and I will make a point of saying so on here when I do.

Ok. That's enough for one day. Back to Gwen, and her feature creep, player home.


Tuesday, 28 May 2019


Gwen's Cuirass - Thus far. Maybe.

This is the design I've come up with so far... it may change (probably). Aleister has kindly offered to rig it for her so I can concentrate on other things. 

My good friend Mateus is going to texture it so no need to hide your eyes away from my awesome texturing abilities!

I "might" get around to make a full set if I'm not too busy with other things but for now, cuirass will just have to do.

Monday, 27 May 2019

A few days more...

That's it. If you haven't released a mod by now then you best be quick about it. Only 4 days left to get yourself into the Modathon!

This my latest offering and believe me, it was a royal pain in the arse. I didn't realise that because Morrowind just scales everything when you change a race, that includes the gap between the foot mesh and the ankle!

Not sure if I got it 100% right but I'm considering this a work in progress and would really like to do them all eventually.

Get it here; Common Shoes Pack

I'm blaming Gwen for this, why not? I made her a pair of shoes and then spotted the horrible club feet everyone else possessed and had to at least try and change that.

Speaking of Gwen....she's on hold at the moment for the last days of the Modathon but I left her last, building her own/ player home.

When I say building I mean, building. each phase of the construction will need to be completed and paid for, and the builders do like a drink or two.

We shall see how that turns out later.

Publishing is evil

After what seemed like forever, my books are finally published, and up on Amazon. So, for anyone that wants to learn how to model and does...